Sex positions for lasting longer in bed

These Sex Positions Will Help You Last Longer In Bed

You may not be aware of it, but sex positions also affects how long will you last in bed.

There are some positions you should avoid, and some you should prefer if you want to last longer.

Although there are some exceptions, the golden rule is…

The less you work, the longer you’ll last.

And the other way around… the more you work, the more excited you’ll get.

So, when you choose position that will help you last longer – choose the one that reduces your movement and excitement.

Also, another benefit of positions that minimize your movement is that it’s much easier for you to control your breathing. And as you know, breathing deeply alone can help you last longer.

So, let her be on top and do all the work.

This way, not only you’ll last longer, but she will come much sooner. Because her movement is increased, she’ll get more excited, and will get there much faster.

Missionary position can be fun, but now you know better. Avoid all positions that require YOU to work hard and break your breathing rhythm. This is one of rare situations where laziness pays off.

Use it to your advantage.

Let’s get specific, and see some examples…

Here are some positions to AVOID…

Avoid these sex positions is you want to last longer in bed

Avoid these sex positions is you want to last longer in bed


As you can see, in the positions above you do all the work, and as a result you overheat too soon.

Now, here are some GOOD positions…

Use these sex positions to last longer in bed

Use these sex positions to last longer in bed


I believe images speak for themselves, and no verbal description is necessary here.

For those of you practicing more modest repertoire of positions, just remember to avoid missionary and doggy style, and enjoy cowgirl position.

As I said earlier, there are some exceptions. Some men, in fact find cowgirl (women-on-top) position more exciting than the missionary position.

If that’s the case with you, simply identify positions that are less exciting for you, and in which you can control your breathing, and use them instead.

A good place to get some more ideas for sex positions is Man’s Health Position Master


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