Durex Performa last longer condoms

Durex Performa Condoms – The Easy Way To Last Longer In Bed

Durex Performa is Durex’s desensitizing, long love condom.

On the inside, these condoms contain  a mild local anesthetic ( benzocaine ). This reduces the sensitivity of your penis, thus helping you last longer in bed.

So, do they work?


Sometimes, even to good.

Here’s how one guy described his experience with Durex Performa…

“…I received a free sample of one of these condoms and tried it. I found that the sensation was normal until about a few minutes after I put on the condom, then the sensation gradually diminished until the tip of my penis had hardly any sensation at all.

Nevertheless, the erection remained and so did the pleasure. The company claims that the condom “delays a man’s orgasm by minutes”, but the anesthetic effect was so strong that I didn’t reach ejaculation at all…..”

Now, this doesn’t mean that your penis too will be numbed so much that you won’t be able to reach an orgasm at all.
This happens only rarely.

Exactly how much longer can you expect to last is individual, but I would expect about 4 times longer.

So if you can last only 1 minute you’ll probably do 3 to 5 minutes with Durex Performa. If you can go for 5 minutes, you’ll probably last 15-20 minutes.

What is important is that they do work, and are not suspicious at all. You probably use condom most of the time anyway. While we’re talking about suspicion, have you seen Durex Performa pillowcases?

Anyway, here’s one honest review of Durex Performa condoms…

I brought these as my bloke needed a bit of help in the bedroom department. He was having a bad time at work which I think was causing the problem of premature ejaculation. It had never been a problem before. His self confidence was rapidly shrinking. This is when these condoms came to the rescue.
They have been specially designed to make love making last longer.

The look of the condom is just like any other, it’s quite transparent, with a tip and the end. This tip is filled with this horrible looking cream, at first I thought either it has been used already (eeewwwww) or that he’s come already! The cream in fact is a mild anaesthetic. This when it comes in to contact with a hot penis numbs the penis and therefore delays climax as the sensations are lessened. the cream also helps prolong the erection. As the cream is inside the condom it will only affect the penis and won’t have an effect on us women.

All of Durex condoms have the unique “Easy On” design, and it was fairly easy to put on my bloke’s penis as the shape of the condom has been designed to be slightly larger at the top for easier application.

The first thought I had about the condom is that I couldn’t feel it inside me and had to double check to see if it had slipped off, which it hadn’t. It’s really thin and unnoticeable.
The result was a much longer session of love making which was a relief for me and gave my bloke more confidence in the bedroom. Sometimes I feel that it goes on for far too long now and I would be exhausted at the end, so now I have brought some normal condoms when we want quick sex!

I didn’t tell him that these where special condoms, but did mention to him afterwards and he said that he thought that they where normal ones and that he couldn’t feel any numbing sensations, which is good as I thought he wouldn’t like using them.
For a 12 pack of these from boots will cost you £10.00 which is quite expensive for condoms but they are worth it as they do make all the difference. The condoms come in different sized packs and are all individually wrapped in a square foil wrapper.

I am very impressed with the condoms and will be buying more!

And, one more review…

I am a 32 year old, fit and healthy male that has always suffered some form of performance issues in the bedroom.
From the ages of 17 to 27 this was inconsistent performance but for the past 4 or so years my performance has deteriated into consistent premature ejaculation. Sex would last for less than 10 seconds which played a big role in the breakdown of a 5 year long term relationship.

The stress caused by premature ejaculation can not be understated and as such I had serious reservations about dating and meeting new women.
After researching treatments for PE I came across the Durex Performa condoms. Before going into product details, these condoms have allowed me to enjoy a healthy and ‘normal’ sex life but more importantly has taken a huge psychological weight off my shoulders and have done wonders for my confidence and self esteem.

The Durex Performa has taken me from a sub 10 second PE sufferer to a 30 minute and beyond lover.
I would recommend this product to anyone that suffers PE or my not feel that they last as long as they would like.

I do not recommend this for guys that have no issues with lasting as these condoms do reduce the sensation you feel during sex. If you do not have a problem these are not for you!
It must be noted that the penis is not completely numbed and you do experience sensation it is just reduced.

The condom comes in a silver Durex wrapper that does not mention the ‘performa’ brand anywhere on the individual condom wrapper. This is important for those that may feel embarrassed about using such a product.
As other reviews have mentioned the product contains a solidified waxy like substance in the tip of the condom that numbs the penis. The solid material does ‘melt’ once in contact with the skin so is not visable after 30 seconds or so.

For the best results put the condom on as per the instructions and then wait one to two minutes before commencing penetration. The numbing substance needs a small amount of time to have an effect.
The only thing to be careful with is opening the condom when putting it on in the dark. The substance in the tip can fall out if handled upside down. It is very important to put the condom on as soon as opening it so that you dont risk the numbing agent falling out, getting on your fingers or worse yet on your partner.

I can not rate this product high enough. It has definitely put me on the road to kicking PE forever.



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