Get Her Aroused Before Penetration

Get Her Aroused Before Penetration

Getting woman aroused before penetration is simple, yet often overlooked technique.

Learn everything there is to know about finger fucking and clitoris and the G-spot. Or become an expert in cunnilingus (giving a head, using your lips and tongue to stimulate her).

You can even use sex toys.

Your prowess as a lover doesn’t have to be defined by how long you last. Develop other sexual talents and skills and you’ll feel much better and more confident about sex. Your partner will be more satisfied, too. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Also, one important factor in dealing with premature ejaculation is reducing the pressure you feel to perform in the bedroom.

You can do exactly that by focusing on things other that intercourse and how long you can last. Learn how to make her feel good without using your penis.

Use your lips, tongue, fingers or even sex toys to get her close to coming and than slip in and finish the job. This way, even if you don’t last very long, it’s less of an issue. She may not mind at all if the penetration phase is short.

True, premature ejaculation still may be an issue for you. Nonetheless, this technique may prove very useful while you’re working on curing premature ejaculation and increasing your sexual stamina.

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