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Give Her an Orgasm After You Had One

If you can overcome the urge to roll over and go to sleep after your orgasm, and can devote your attention to pleasuring your partner, you may find that she doesn’t mind the slightest that her orgasm comes after yours.

Be a gentleman and use the “ladies first” rule. Or come as quickly as you please, but be a man, and return the favor. Keep your woman happy.

Here’s a very interesting example of how well this technique works…

Ron, the television writer, was interviewed for a New York Magazine’s article on premature ejaculation pill. Obviously, he suffered from premature ejaculation. But in 11 years of his marriage, that didn’t seem to bother his wife.

He always gave her an orgasm through oral sex before intercourse begins. “Once she comes,” he says, “she’s not even interested in getting me to come. Once she’s had one, the pressure is off.”

And here’s another example. This time, a woman’s opinion.

“… What I don’t understand is why, after enjoying the last waves of his orgasm, every man doesn’t then offer a woman his still-firm fingers to finish the job. It would be proper etiquette in that situation, no?

Maybe your partner will gently push your hand away and say she just wants to cuddle, but it’s more likely that she’ll writhe against your fingers in ecstasy. And she won’t be the only one who benefits.

Putting in that extra effort for the sake of fully satisfying your woman is the kind of thing that inspires future oral sex for you. You scratch our itch, we’ll scratch yours…”

(Excerpt from What She Thinks When A Man Comes Too Soon, by Nicole Beland. © 2007 Rodale Inc)

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