Premature ejaculation ruins man's sex life and relationships

How Premature Ejaculation Affects Man’s Life

Premature ejaculation has a significant impact on the quality of a man’s life.

Although it doesn’t directly cause any serious health problems, indirectly it can lead to a depression and your whole life can go on a downward spiral.

It affects your self-confidence and self-esteem, it prevents you from enjoying your sex life, it can ruin your relationship, it can cause fertility problems.

Your Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

Perhaps the most dramatic effect of PE is on a man’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

In our macho society, a man that comes too soon understandably feels like less of a man.

You worry about coming too quickly, failing to please her or making a bad impression. When it happens, you feel ashamed and frustrated. You want to do it like a man, but you can’t. You’ve failed again. Anger and despair.

You feel bad and you worry. For most guys, premature ejaculation means a defeat, failure, embarrassment and humiliation. It’s frustrating and uncomfortable, to say the least.

Less Satisfying Sex

Naturally sex is less satisfying both for you and your partner, if you come too soon.

Worrying about your how long will you last makes you feel uptight every time you have sex. You just can’t relax and enjoy the sex.

If you’re too tensed, she will not be able to relax either. Before you know, you’ll find yourself in anti-erotic atmosphere… things will get just too physical, and most likely you will want out of the tense situation as soon as possible. Sex will become an awkward event for both of you.

Another factor contributes to less than satisfying sex. Woman typically needs significantly more time to reach an orgasm then a man. According to many studies, the average time for a woman to climax is 12 to 25 minutes.

Also, woman typically needs 12 to 25 minutes to reach an orgasm. Obviously, it is very difficult for a man with PE to give a woman an orgasm. Add to that poor communication and she will probably think that you just don’t care about satisfying her sexually.

Even if you worked hard to develop your oral skills to compensate, surveys show that most women still want and enjoy longer penetration.

Relationship Issues

Premature ejaculation can put a strain on any relationship.

It often has devastating long-term effects.

More often than not, men and women are not great communicators when it comes to sexuality. Poor communication often results in woman believing that her boyfriend or husband is selfish and doesn’t care about her sexual needs.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Almost every man cares a great deal about pleasing his woman. In fact, many studies have confirmed that man’s satisfaction with sex is directly related and proportional to woman’s pleasure.

The more she enjoys, the more he enjoys.

Also, due to miscommunication, some women believe there’s something wrong with them and they feel really bed for not being able to achieve orgasm. This is usually causes fear that they would lose her boyfriend or husband because of ‘their’ condition.

Needles to say, premature ejaculation is often an unspoken cancer in the relationship. Tension gradually increases and relationship weakens.

It’s important to talk to your partner about how you’re feeling and what’s going on. But, even if it’s really bugging them, most men find it difficult to talk about their sexual problems.

Men who experience premature ejaculation often become less interested in sex, and start avoiding it. They still want to have sex but, they would rather avoid it than be exposed to uncomfortable situation and embarrassment.

This is particularly difficult for the single man who may shy away from sex and sometimes even stops dating altogether for fear of being embarrassed by coming too quickly.

Sexual problems cause relationship strains, but it also works the other way around.

The relationship problems contribute to and even further worsen sexual problems. It’s a downward spiral. That’s why many sex therapists believe find it difficult to treat sexual problems in a dysfunctional relationship.

Sometimes man refuses to do anything about PE, despite the fact that his woman is unhappy and unsatisfied. If she tries to talk about they see it as s criticism and become defensive, hurt, angry.

But that’s wrong. Running away from problem doesn’t solve it.

Even if she’s sympathetic and understanding, and says it’s not a big deal, PE puts a strain on your relationship.

If you can’t satisfy her sexually, she may seek that fulfillment elsewhere. Cheating, affairs, break-ups, even divorces are often result of a disappointing sex life.

According to the and Cosmopolitan survey, almost 10 percent of women admitted they’ve dumped a guy because he was quick on the draw. I know, harsh. But that’s the way it is.

Ian Kerner Ph.D., a certified clinical sexologist and the author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, had a similar experience himself. His fiancée Tara break up with him because of his problem with premature ejaculation.

PE is no laughing matter.

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