Think about something else to last longer in bed

Last Longer In Bed By Thinking About Something Else

Thinking about something else during sex is quite often recommended, but some sex experts advise against it.

This option may not be a particularly romantic one. But, some men report that it works for them, and I feel obligated to give you all techniques for lasting longer.

Here we go…

The idea here is to distract yourself by thinking about something boring, anti-erotic, or using physical distractions (like pinching yourself, or biting your cheek).

In other words, concentrating on something other than sex, while having sex

Here’s the collection of distractions I’ve run across in the past few years. But, beware… some of them are… well, sick, for the lack of better word.

Here they are…

  • Count backwards from 100
  • Think about sport statistics such as naming baseball players and records
  • Picture a corpse
  • Do some mental math, like difficult sums
  • Thinking about dead puppies
  • Think about having sex with unattractive co-worker
  • Think about having sex with your grandma
  • Think of your mother naked
  • Pinch yourself
  • Bite your cheek
  • Bite your tongue
  • Hold the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth
Mental Math

Mental Math (courtesy of


For some reason, thinking about baseball is the most often recommended distraction technique. In fact, it made me even curious why exactly baseball out of all things.

I mean, baseball is popular, but not that much.

Later on, I solved the puzzle.

It’s because of the movie “Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask”, in which Woody Allen thinks about baseball to take his mind of more exciting things.

As you can see, some distractions are harmless to try. But some can be a real mood killer, and maybe even cause some serious psychological disturbance.

Picturing corpse, thinking of your mother naked, thinking about having sex with your grandma…. These are the things you probably don’t want to do. I strongly discourage you to use those because I’m not sure if that would make you last longer or go flaccid instantly.

Another issue to consider is that she may not be very happy about it.

I mean, she wants you to be there with her. Not just physically but also mentally, emotionally. If you think about something else and she sees that you’re doing it… That’ll probably hurt her.

However, holding the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth seems harmless. It’s a simple trick and she’ll never notice it.

It works well for some guys.

This little physical distraction will take your mind of the excitement. It’ll help you not to overheat too soon, and buy you some time.

You even may be able to briefly switch of the ejaculation reflex if you use it right before the “point of no return”.

As I said earlier, many experts advise against distracting yourself during sex. That’s because they believe that the key to lasting longer is becoming familiar with the sensations you experience. That way, you’ll gradually learn to pace yourself and control your ejaculation.

In fact, that’s the main idea behind the popular start-stop technique.

Anyway, let’s recap, and wrap this up…

Simply think about something else.

That takes your mind off the actual experience and helps you last longer. On the flip side, it may take most of the fun out of sex, and she may not be so happy about it.

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Keep in mind that longer foreplay can help increase satisfaction of your partner as well as delay your ejaculation. Longer foreplay will indeed improve your relationship by reducing dissatisfaction or frustration but also anxiety related to pressure and performance.

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