Should I masturbate before sex?

Premature ejaculation 17 yrs old?


im 17 cant do much on buyin the scam pills and stuff but im not alone and i really need the help im not embarassed on what i have no control of so is there anything i can do that WORKS i need the help and if you could help me out or something it would be great reccomend something that you kno works

Also i always have premature ejaculation all but one time i lasted for like twenty mins ? Im confused now im always ejaculating early.. This is ruining my life can someone help


You suffer from what’s known as primary premature ejaculation. So, two things:

1. Don’t start avoiding sex and relationships because of PE. I made that mistake and it took me years to regain my confidence and have a normal life again. No matter what they tell you, and no matter what you’ve tried before, YOU CAN last longer in bed. You’re not alone. Millions of guys had the same problem but they learned how to go from 1-2 minutes to 15-20 minutes (which is more than enough, because on average women need 10-12 minutes to reach an orgasm).

2. There are many things that work. A dozen of tips & tricks can help you last 5-10 minutes longer almost instantly. They won’t stop premature ejaculation but they will help you while you’re working on a more permanent solution. But they usually cost nothing or are dirt cheap.

Tips & Tricks


Inexpensive products that work

There are some other things, but I already wrote an essay. I’ll give you a link where you can find more free and no BS information and step by step guides.

I learn to last longer from a porn star. No joke. He has some DVDs where he “explains” how he does it. He also used to suffer from severe case of premature ejaculation.

Read this:


Hi am nitish my age is 17 years old pls help me how to stop the premature ejaculation (only 15 sec) how to increase my timeing 15 sec to 15 min pls help me

by nitish on January 19, 2018 at 1:46 am. Reply #

sir i am also 18 now…but suffer from PE…so i cant last for 2 mins..For this I am little bit dippressed now.But now a days I control myself from masterbating.But some times often when i masterbate,its ejaculate prematurely.pls help me to get rid from this.

by Tridib Das on April 9, 2018 at 7:59 am. Reply #

I m 36 years old and suffering from premature ejaculation since 15 years what is the suggestion for me

by Asif on July 13, 2019 at 11:49 am. Reply #

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