Start-Stop Method (FREE Premature Ejaculation Exercise)

Start-Stop method is by far the most often recommended exercise for premature ejaculation. It’s highly valued both by sexual therapists and men who defeated PE.

And with a good reason… it has success rate up to 95%.

Start-stop method was originally developed back in 1955, by Dr James Seamans, an urologist at Duke University. Today, there are several of variations of this method, but essentially it’s the same exercise.

Start-stop method, and its variations are known under many names. Here are some of them…

  • Seamans Pause Maneuver
  • Masters and Johnson Squeeze Technique
  • Kaplan Start-Stop Method
  • Stop-Go Technique
  • The stop and start method
  • Stop-Start Technique

Nonetheless, all these names refer to the same exercise I’m about to show you.

The basic idea behind start-stop method is become aware of, and familiar with your own sexual sensations. And than gradually, increase your tolerance of these sensations, and thus last longer.

Here’s how it looks in practice…

When you come close to climax, you stop for about 10-30 seconds and wait until the urge subsides. Than you continue with stimulation, and repeat the process. After a couple of cycles, let yourself to ejaculate.

Start-stop method can be used both by men who have premature ejaculation, and men who simply want to improve their sexual stamina and last even longer.

You can do it on your own, or with your partner’s help.

The most important advantage of start-stop method is that you learn to control your ejaculation at will. And how long will you be able to last is simply a matter of how much are you ready to practice.

Virtually, there’s no limit.

You’ll simply recondition yourself to last longer, just like some men accidentally conditioned themselves to come quickly.

This exercise is very simple, but it does require a lot of practice and learning a few key concepts. Without them, you’re more likely to fail, or at least premature ejaculation is more likely to return.

Now, there are 4 very important things you need to know…

1. Pinpoint Your “Point of No Return”

This is the point where it’s too late to stop ejaculation. It’s the moment you feel the urge to ejaculate, and you can no longer hold it back.

Ejaculation is a reflex, and once it’s triggered, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. So you must learn to recognize your point of ejaculatory inevitability. Nobody can teach you this. You must feel it yourself.

The only way to stop ejaculation is to prevent the ejaculation reflex from being triggered in the first place. The “point of no return” is the moment when it’s triggered. You need to learn to recognize it, and stop stimulation before it’s too late.

2. Don’t Try to Hold Back

A lot of guys make this mistake. And they end up being able to last 4 or 5 minutes, or even longer, but they have to struggle to hold back. They control their ejaculation with tremendous effort and a great deal of tension, which takes all the pleasure out of the act. They spoil it both for themselves and their partner.

Don’t do this. Your task is to simply focus on your pleasurable sexual sensations.

The start-stop method is based on the process of sensory adaptation. To adapt to high levels of pleasure, you need to experience them for a prolonged period of time. That is why you don’t want to hold back and fight it. Let the feelings flow.

3. Learn to Stop!

Don’t go about it like a bull in a china shop. If you feel you’re getting close to the point of no return STOP. Withdraw your penis and change what you were doing. Pause until the urge to reach climax subsides.

4. It Takes Time

No exercise works overnight. It will take time and practice to master. Now, the good news is that it doesn’t take years. We’re talking weeks. Get serious about it, do it a couple of weeks and you will see significant improvement.

Exactly how much time it takes is individual, but to give you the idea, here are few examples…

Dr Helen Kaplan, referring to start-stop technique, in her book PE: How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation says…

“… today over 90 percent of premature ejaculators can be cured within an average of 14 weeks of treatment. In fact, the results of treatment for PE are now so good that when I evaluate a troubled single man or couple for a sexual compliant, and the problem turns out to be inadequate ejaculatory control, I feel a little jolt of pleasure in the knowledge that, with rare exceptions, these unhappy people will be enjoying a much more gratifying sex life in just a few months… “

So, it’s 14 weeks, and you’re free.

But men who tried the start-stop method experience great results even faster. The following testimonials illustrate this well…

“… I had tried a bit of the start-stop technique over the years, but I never had the patience to do finish the program. Then I set out to get serious and just follow a program from start to finish to fix this thing.

By the time I got to practicing it about the 10th time I was doing just great. It was so difficult to believe that it could all be so simple to learn.

I wholehearted recommend this book to those who will persevere through the practice sessions until they have retrained themselves totally. Surely the little time this takes to learn will make all the difference for the rest of a lifetime… ”

“… I would recommend really following the exercise steps closely and carefully, and keep at it. I am amazed. It only took 4-6 weeks of concentration and learning, and it really does work… ”

“… I am so grateful that I have the sexual confidence I have been missing my whole life. I didn’t do the exercises with a partner. The author has exercises you can do by yourself, and they worked for me over about a month period… ”

“… The information was useful and the techniques are working very well after a few weeks of practice… “

OK, here’s the exercise, if you’re doing it with your partner…


  1. First, you arrange some start and stop signals. So that you can let her know when you are getting close to the point of no return. It’s best to use the actual words, because nonverbal cues are easily misunderstood. “Stop”, “Hold it” and “Start” are all good choices, but anything else that’s short and clear will do.
  2. Next, she’ll start giving you a hand job, or a blow job. Allow yourself to come as close to orgasm as you can, without losing control, just before the “point of no return”. Than give her the stop signal, and pose for 10-30 seconds, until the urge subsides a bit.
  3. Than, when the excitement goes down a bit, and you no longer feel close to orgasm, tell her to start again. And repeat the process. Every time you come close to the “point of no return” tell her to stop, pause for 10-30 seconds, than tell her to continue. How many starts and stops should you do? A half-dozen over a 15-minute period works well for most couples. A good rule of thumb is 10 times or 15 minutes, whichever comes first. During this whole experience, try to concentrate on your pleasurable penile sensations. Do not try to hold back.
  4. Finally, when the time is up, on your last run, let yourself come as fast and as freely as you can. Than return the favor. (Of course, if you wish, you can have intercourse on your last run.)
  5. Once you’re comfortable with hand job/blow job, practice during intercourse, starting and stopping as needed.

Also, here are some tips you may find useful…

  • If you have severe case of PE, and blow job is overwhelming, start with a hand job. Stick with it few weeks, than go to a blow job.
  • If you or your partner are not comfortable with hand job or blow job, and you’re still not ready for practicing start-stop during intercourse, there’s an alternative. Namely, some sex experts recommend rubbing the tip of your penis against her vulval area (clitoris and the opening of the vagina). You can do this in any position you feel comfortable with. The rest of the exercise is the same.
  • When you try penetration, if it’s still over-stimulating for you, your partner can give you “silent vagina”. In other words, you get in, but neither of you moves. Once you feel comfortable with being inside, you can gradually include thrusting starting and stopping as needed.

Gradually, you’ll need less and less stops. Once you work up to 15 minutes without stops, you’re certainly PE-free. If lasting 15 minutes is not enough for you, feel free to continue with exercising, stud.

By the way, most guys who can last 15 or 20 minutes use starting and stopping during intercourse. They use it naturally, it’s simply part of their sexual style. So you don’t have to be able to thrust vigorously for 15 minutes, without stopping at all.

Now, while it is generally better to learn how to do this with a partner, it is also possible to do it without one.

You can certainly masturbate yourself just to the point where you are about to have an orgasm and then stop yourself. Most men are able to learn how to control their orgasms during masturbation and then carry this skill over to when they’re with a woman.

If you don’t have a partner, she doesn’t want to help you, you’re not comfortable asking her for help, or you if you simply want to deal with PE on your own, this is the way to go.

Basically, exercise is the same, only this time you’ll simulate your penis yourself.

Here’s how…


  1. To begin, relax. Find a place and time when you can pleasure yourself at a leisurely pace.
  2. Start with non-genital play. For several minutes, just touch and caress yourself in places other than you penis. Caress your balls, your thighs, around your belly, and all the areas around the penis. The purpose of this part of the exercise is to help you relax, and focus just feeling good from these touches themselves, without worrying about ejaculating.
  3. Than, take your penis in hand and begin stroking. As you masturbate, focus on the head and vary base of your penis. Your task is to concentrate on your own sexual sensations. Take things slowly and become aware of how you progress toward orgasm. Allow yourself to come as close to orgasm as you can get without losing control — just before the “point of no return”.
  4. Than stop. Break the motion for 10 to 30 seconds, until the urge subsides a bit. Once the excitement lessens a bit, and you no longer feel close to the “point of no return”, began stroking again. Repeat the cycle 10 times, or 15 minutes, whichever comes first.
  5. When the time is up, or on your last run, let yourself come as fast and as freely as you can.

Some tips you may find useful…

  • Rate your sexual excitement on a scale 1 of 10. Try keeping yourself at 7, or 8. The point of exercise is not just to masturbate, but to experience high levels of sexual excitement, for a prolonged period of time, and get used to them. Masturbating at the 2 of sexual excitement and barely maintaining erection is pointless. So, keep yourself at 7 or 8.
  • Masturbate with wet hand. It will feel more like the inside of a vagina. You can buy yourself a lubricant, or improvise with petroleum jelly or soapsuds.

You may go beyond the “point of no return” occasionally, and ejaculate accidentally. Don’t feel discouraged by these small mistakes. They’re simply part of the learning process.

It takes a bit of time for a man to recognize when he’s about to ejaculate. Practice and you’ll become familiar with your sexual sensations. You’ll learn to recognize the signs your body gives you just before the “point of no return”. When you sense them, stop the stimulation. Pause for 10 to 30 seconds.

You know the rest of the drill.

One more thing, if you practice WITHOUT partner….

Stroking your penis with your hand, even if it’s lubricated, will always be much less stimulating than vagina. Excitement during masturbation can hardly be compared with sensations of being inside her.

From the moment your penis touches the warm, moist vaginal entrance, to thrusting through the slippery warmth. Those sensations are so overwhelming for some men that they ejaculate on their very first thrust.

Practicing start-stop with your partner is practicing in “real life” situation, and that’s why you’ll progress much faster, than when you’re masturbating.

Now, I’m not saying that masturbation won’t work. Mind you. It will only take you more time to achieve the same results, and you may not be able to carry over your sexual stamina to real sex completely.

If you need, say 3 months, to work up to 15 minutes with masturbation, you may need only 1 month to get the same results if you practice with your partner. Additionally, the 15 minutes you worked up with masturbation may reduce to lasting 10 minutes during intercourse. Maybe even less.

Nonetheless, there’s one way to progress rapidly even if you don’t practice start-stop with your partner. This one simple thing will help you to achieve the same results as fast as if you were doing it with your partner. Possibly even faster.

And, you’ll carry your full stamina over in real sex. If you work up to 20 minutes masturbating, you’ll last 20 minutes during intercourse. There will be no loss.

Even men, who tried regular masturbation and failed to make themselves to last longer, find this technique extremely successful.

The secret is to simulate the excitement of real intercourse as close as possible. From the slippery wetness of being inside her, to hearing her moaning and breading heavily. The whole thing.

Here’s how you can do exactly that…

Buy a masturbator (an artificial vagina). They perfectly mimic the anatomy of real vagina, and thus provide realistic sensation and excitement, which is the key to become aware of your sensations and learn to control your ejaculation.

Use the lubricant with masturbator. This is the next step in creating realistic vaginal experience. The real vagina is wet and slippery, and a professional lubricant perfectly mimics that. Most manufacturers of masturbators also offer lubricants, so you can get them with your masturbator.

Watch porn while masturbating. Watching porn is stimulating and can cause an erection by itself. You’ll combine it together with the masturbator and lubricant to create an experience as exciting and stimulating as real sex. The sounds of woman moaning and breathing heavily will dramatically increase the level of sexual excitement you’ll experience.

Get the masturbator and lubricant. Grab your favorite porn and start practicing. If at this moment you can last only 1 or 2 minutes, after 4 to 6 weeks of practice, you’ll last at least 10 or 20 minutes. If you need more than that, simply practice few weeks more.

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The less frequently you have sex then the more it will feel to you like a strange experience or like a “treat”. If you attach such special importance to intercourse then you will be racked with nerves on every occasion.
Try to have sex more often and ideally on a routine basis. The more routine it becomes, the less frequently you will premature ejaculate.

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how many times should i try this per week?
im 19 years old, virgin.

by jogj on February 27, 2013 at 7:19 am. Reply #

how many time a young guy should do in a week ?
it is different for married guy per week ?

by learner on March 5, 2013 at 11:06 am. Reply #

Do you find yourself getting too excited? Slow down there, cowboy! If you’re on the verge of explosion, take a deep breath and slow down for a minute. You might even have to stop for a few seconds. Don’t allow the pleasure and sensations control you – you need to control the pleasure and sensations. If you have to, pull out for a minute and use your mouth and fingers.

by Ronnie Steyn on April 30, 2013 at 6:52 pm. Reply #

Some doctors often recommend to focus for a while on sexual pleasures other than intercourse in order to decrease anxiety as well as gain better control over your ejaculation and sexuality.
Always remember that if you feel helpless, you can talk to your doctor. Premature ejaculation is a very treatable condition, but too many men just avoid looking for a “serious” treatment.

by Tony Hill on May 1, 2013 at 4:49 am. Reply #

Be courteous, fellows, and stop having sex if you get too close. You can always use the excuse that you just NEED to taste her in your mouth for a second. Then provide her with oral sex as you cool off. This will get her closer to climax, and let you last longer than ever before. It’s win-win!

by Tanay on July 14, 2013 at 2:26 pm. Reply #

Another way to teach yourself how to stop premature ejaculation is a particular type of yoga practice called the shatkarmas and mooladhara shakthi bhanda exercises help you stimulate your sexual vigor. Another set of exercises used are called the hastha mudras, and certain mudras like the vajroli mudra helps increase sexual desire and satisfaction.

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Is this technique not embarrassing for a woman?

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real video on start and stop technique is not available. Please provide practical video

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